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leap second - known issues?

Question asked by flost Champion on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by oul.mot

Within the last days there were some horrible news about possible disasters within computersystems if the leap-second this year. To bring the discussion relating to PI and systems around back to earth I would like to ask for experience, you may gathered 2012 where the last leap-second happend.


From my prospective I don´t see a problem. 2012 I did not recognise an problem. At this time I had four PI Systems. In Addition we had several SCADA Systems (some versions of PCS7, WinCC and DeltaV) and I can´t remember any problems.


We had no AF Server or PI Niotification at this time, but I don´t think, that there will be problems.


How were your experience with the last leap-second?