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[PI-SQC] How to refresh automatically the SQC control chart

Question asked by Nicolas.Isambourg on Jan 12, 2015
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I developed a .NET application (named MQLab) that adds values to a PI Point with the PIData.UpdateValue method of PI-SDK.

I'm developing another .NET application embedding the PI-SQC control chart of PI-ProcessBook through PI-ActiveView.

The chart tag is the PI Point whose values are added by my .NET application "MQLab".


I want the control chart to be automatically refreshed when a new value is added.

A new value is automatically plotted on the control chart when at least 1 value is already plotted on the chart.

At a moment, I set the type of the time scale to "sqcAbsoluteTime", the starttime to DateTime.Now (DateTime format: dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm) and the endtime to *. At this moment, no data point are plotted on the control chart (that's normal). After this, when the snapshot of the PI Point is updated, the new value isn't plotted on the control chart.

It doesn't work any more when I call the Refresh method or reset the definition of the SQC control chart.


Is there a workaround to refresh the chart automatically each time a new value is added ?



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