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Loading EventFrames into DataTable (.Net, C#, AFSDK)

Question asked by wpurrer on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Dan Fishman

Dear PI Developers Club,


I have a question about the performance of loading eventframes into a datatable, to show it in a datagrid.


Currently im using the AFEventFrames.FindEventFrames Function. It performs very well, but i only get the basic event-frame information very fast (starttime, endtime, name, guid,...)

(500 Frames in about 400ms)


So, what ist the best way, to load the complete event-frame (with all attribues).    (there are only attributes, what are configured within the Event-Frame Template)


Currently, i'm iterating through each EventFrame and get the value of each Attribute. But this solution is very slow.


Actually it needs about 45s to load 500 EventFrames with all their attribute-values (about 20 attributes per event).


Is there any other function available for better performance? (like PI System Explorer. Loading EventFrames with all attributes does need a couple of ms)