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VBA: Connect to PI-Collective

Question asked by siz07 on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Eugene Lee

Hello everybody.

I would to try to connect to collective members in PI-collective in VBA Excell. How can i do that? Or is it not possible?

I try with:


Dim srv As Server
Dim picol As PISDK.IPICollective
Dim picollist As PISDK.CollectiveList
Dim picolmem As PISDK.CollectiveMember

Set picol = PISDK.Servers(IP-address)
Set picollist = picol.ListMembers()
set picolmem = picollist.Item(1)
Set srv = picol.MemberOpen(picolmem, "")


and last line i geting the error that connection is already exist.


I would like to edit data - remove or update on different members on a pi collective. Or if cant possible How can i delete pivalues with vba with pi-collective?