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RDBMS distribution tag locks up the interface

Question asked by mbaycura on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by mbaycura

I have an RDBMS interface and want to use the distribution method. I have 3 columns of raw data that I need to pull, with many rows. MY SQL query for one of the distribution tag is:


/SQL="SELECT trend_data_time, measurement_id, trend_data_min, 0 FROM dbo.trend_data;"


location1: 1

location2: 1

location3: -1

location4: 1

location5: 0


This will pull ALL of the rows for trend_data_min, which is why I believe it is breaking the interface. I only need to start pulling data at time=now, so I was toying with adding "WHERE trend_data_time > 1/10/2015;"" to the end of the query, however that still locks it up.


After that, the alias tags are pretty straight forward, I'm just not getting this SQL query. Is there anything I'm missing?