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PI Server losing data intermittently

Question asked by MPierson on Jan 15, 2015
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     Our system is a GE Mark VI OPC server using Matrikon Tunneller to PI server 2012.  We performed a complete system upgrade that included the GE Mark VI, PI Server, and the physical PI server.  I also have a Modbus Serial Interface that the local HMI had new software put on but all the same old connections.


     Since the date of starting both of the interface/system our data is not good.  We are losing data nearly every other data collection period (ie. if data collected every minute then it would be good, bad, good, bad).  Sometimes there is a COMM FAIL other times it is a NO RESULT. I have other interfaces that collect data with no issue.


     Has anyone seen something like this before?  Do you have a fix?


     I do have a help ticket submitted to technical support and have given them some logs but they have not found an issue as of yet.


     Any assistance would be appreciated.