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Can AF Asset-Based Analytics do recalculation?

Question asked by AlistairFrith on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Dan Fishman

I am pretty sure the answer to this is 'No' but would like to know for sure. I know it can do back-filling but can it be made to recalculate a period if a historical input value is updated? If not, are there plans to enable this?


The only other ways I can think of to do this are:

  • The Performance Equation Recalculator, but performance equations are not maintainable/flexible/extensible/etc. enough
  • PI ACE but most of the calculations we require can probably be done perfectly adequately in AF Analytics and would be far easier and quicker to develop this way. We have also had varying amounts of success with ACE recalculations in the past.


Unfortunately recalculation is, I gather, an essential part of this new project we are about to embark on so any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Does the AF SDK allow any possibilities here?




--- Alistair.