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Communication between RS Linx gateway (OPC server) and PI OPC Interface

Question asked by Abdul Afeel on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by Abel_PM

Hai all,

Currently  my PI OPC interface node PC is connected to SCADA PC(Factory talk studio) were RSLinx Classic Gateway is installed. and iam able to read the data in OPC interface node. But after restarting the PI interface node PC few tags are only reading the data from RSLinx Classic Gateway for remaining tags iam getting  the value as "configure" in PI SMT. After restarting the RSLinx Classic Gateway PC iam able to read all the data.

Following are the log file RS Linx PC. Hihgligted is the Tag used in PI Server.

AB_ETHIP-1\0.( : K55-AIT-M-0128B : 05/15/14 - 14:37:28 : 00h

                Items: K55-AIT-M-0128B

                Type: READ

                Mfg: Allen-Bradley

                PlcType: Logix5000

                Desc: This item does not exist in the processor.

                Number of occurrences: 4

Is there any settings to be done in RS Linx classic gate way.

1. The version for RSLinx Classic Gateway is CPR 9 SR1.

2. The OS in RSLinx Classic Gateway PC is Windows XP.

3. PI Interface configuration UtilityVersion is

4. PI Server 2012 is used

5. PI Interface node is on Windows 7.