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PiBuffs service is not running .NET PI SDK

Question asked by fpadron on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by asorokina

Hi Everyone,


Can anyone please help me with my issue regarding PI SDK? .NET


I created an application that has the capabilities to delete "Bad values" using .NET c#, I tried to debug and it the error seems to lead me on the:

"currentPiPoint.Data.RemoveValues(item.TimeStamp, item.TimeStamp, PISDK.DataRemovalConstants.drRemoveAll);"


and this is the exception error:

"Pibuffs service is not running to buffer. PI buffer subsystem should be running but isn't. Start attempt failed."


I checked my PI SDK Utility (x64) and found out that pi buffs is not installed on my PI System,


Is there any work around regarding this matter?


Please help.