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PI AF security change - scripting possible?

Question asked by nothelfert on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Dan Fishman

Dear community,


I've several PI and PI AF systems to maintain and I want to tight the PI AF database access for different type of users. I'm wondering now if it's possible to use a script / batch file / automation / self programmed application to change the security settings for databases and each sub AF object (Analyses, Categories, Elements, Notification and so on ...).


For better understanding: We have different types of users, so one security group of users is allowed to add and modify any AF object, another security group of users is allowed to modify data at special AF objects and finally we have some users who are only allowed to ready any AF object. So currently for each new database I will set the special security settings manually - and I guess you can imagine how long it takes if you have different user groups.


Thank you in advance for any hint or suggestion.


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