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    Can I use PI System Explorer UI components in Web App?


      I wanted to add this to an existing discussion where I was asking whether PSE could be extended or its components re-used in a custom application but I cannot for the life of me find the discussion! The conclusion of that discussion was that extending PSE was not supported but its componenets were somewhere in the OSI .Net namespace and could be used in 3rd-party apps.


      My new question is, does this apply to web-apps? Can I write a PHP or HTML5/Javascript/JQuery or Silverlight (OK maybe not silverlight!) application that presents PSE components to the user in web browser?


      I would be amazed if the answer was 'yes' but thought it might still be worth asking!


      --- Alistair

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          Hi Alistair,


          I think you are referring to the OSIsoft.AF.UI Namespace, which is a Microsoft .NET assembly that provides structured access to .Net windows controls for displaying and interacting with AFSDK objects. The AF UI objects are designed to be used in Windows Forms. You might be able to use some of the objects if you are developing a .NET based web application (e.g. ASP.NET), but there are some limitations (e.g. you will need .NET installed on client machines).


          If you are not developing a .NET based web application (since you mentioned PHP/HTML5, etc.), perhaps you can build custom UI components and use PI Web API to interact with the PI system.


          In addition, you can check out this related discussion: Building web applications and this blog post: Developing a PHP application using PI Web API