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    Online Datalink Course - January/February 2015




      My name is Todd McQuiston, a Field Service Engineer with OSIsoft, and I am your facilitator for your online course.  I apologize for a lack of content this week - the normal facilitator was not available, and there was a bit of confusion over the schedule.


      This forum thread on PI Square is for you to ask questions about the material you've seen, and ask questions of me or the other students taking the course.  I will be monitoring this closely and answer your questions as quickly as possible.


      Since you've gone most of this week already WITHOUT any support from us, if you need an extra week for your final project, we can certainly do that for you.


      Best regards,


      Todd M. McQuiston


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          Hi Todd,

          Good to know you as our facilitator. Till now i 've been going through the videos enlisted under PI data link course tab were helpful to refer the PI basics.

          The course structure as per first week clearly mentioned to completion of the videos and simple  1-2 exercises.

          Please direct us accordingly and for the future assistance in understanding and usage of PI data link also to my company's perspective.

          I certainly do agree for the proposal of giving us an extra week time for our final project. i appreciate the PI Square forum thread is being inspiring for the new employees and even the students.

          thank you

          regards hema.

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            One key thing to try to practice in Datalink is putting all your information into the spreadsheet, then referencing those cells in the Datalink dialog boxes.  This a) allows you to easily modify the parameters of the call, and b) can make non-volatile calculations recalculate without right-clicking on the result set and forcing a recalculation.


            Also, with the Calculated Data function, the Conversion Factor option is ONLY used with the Total calculation.


            For a refresher, if the time units of your tag are in:


            • Seconds - conversion factor is 86,400
            • Minutes - conversion factor is 60
            • Hours - conversion factor is 24
            • Days - conversion factor is 1 (default)
            • Weeks - conversion factor is 0.143 (1/7)


            Again, this is ONLY used for the Total function.