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Hiding a symbol in Process book

Question asked by tklatt on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Tom Albrecht

I found a discussion about this from a post a while back called "Hiding a symbol via Multi-State in ProcessBook" with the code being the following.


Option Explicit


Private Sub Value1_DataUpdate()

    Dim v As Variant    'value

    Dim t As Date       'timestamp

    Dim s As Long       'status


    If Application.RunMode Then

        v = Value1.GetValue(t, s)

        If v = "Active" Then

            Haulercomingatyou_1.Visible = True


            Haulercomingatyou_1.Visible = False

        End If

    End If

End Sub


I am wondering how to remove the need to have a datalink on my screen named Value1 and have the code directly query a tag from my PI database.