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Has anyone experienced data lagging when writing to the PI server from the OPC? The OPC needs to be rebooted and then the data will flush from the buffer on the other instance of the OPC.

Question asked by LRCPAdmin on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by LRCPAdmin

We have 2 instances of an OPC client.  One is primary and the other is a backup.  We have been experiencing issues for the last few months with data lagging as long as 2 hours before writing to the PI Server.  The end users think that PI is not working because their Processbooks do not update but that isn't the issue at all.  It appears as if the OPC just is lagging so badly that the data is not writing in a timely fashion.  Once we reboot the OPC that is writing to the PI server, all is well with the system again.  It started out happening every 3 weeks.  Now it is happening every couple of days.  Yikes!



Here are the versions that we are running:




PI SDK 2014


PI Buffer Subsystem






PI SDK 2012


PI Buffer Subsystem 3.4.380.79