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    Tagtot Question


      Hi Guys! I am trying to create an analysis that will get the total consumption for a specific month. The problem is I am having  problem on how to write the expression.

      For example the date would be the 17th of the month. How will I write it that it will only compute a total of 17 days?


      Since the analysis depends on what day it is, how will you write it? Or is this impossible?


      The problem when writing *-30d is that it will include days from the previous month and I don't want to do that.


      Please help me! Thanks!


      If impossible with Tagtot what are other ways and how will I do that?

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          Hi Ricky,


          You can simply put '1' as timestamp to represent the beginning of the month, or use funtion BOM(). Here are two examples:




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              To add to Zhengqi's comment, remember to add the conversion factor when you are using TagTot because the system chooses a scale factor such that the integral will be correct only if the flow is expressed in units per day. If the flow is expressed in units per hour, or per some other time unit, you must multiply this result by a conversion factor. The conversion factor equals the number of actual flow time units in a day.

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