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Did anyone meet the bad VOITH data bridge (OPC software) ?

Question asked by Jiabin Pei on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by ashaw

Hi every one ,

  Good friday .

  Our company ran a new production line last year .

and used VOITH paper machine ,

and they gave us a OPC solution software named "Data Bridge" . 

Not a very good software ,

the software can be install in server and client ,in fact ,it can be set to server ,and can be set to client .

and in the client PC , PI interface server, data bridge(OPC client, named A) equal the OPC server to PI ICU.

but it recevie another data bridge (as OPC server,we call B)  ,

when DCS guys update B data bridge, the A data bridge may be stop to giving data to PI ICU or PI ICU can not get any data from data bridge.


so we have to restart the data bridge A ,some time I have to inform DCS guys to restart B .

Once restart A , 80% tags back to normal .

but some tags need to be refresh in PI SMT .

Refresh means update PI tags's descriptor and a blank space ,and then wait some minute ,all the tags dont be "Time OUT "