PI AF SDK Programming References

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If you are looking for the PI AF SDK Programming References, you can download the "PI AF Developer's Kit" in the Tech Support Download Center (by typing in "developer" into the first search box and select "PI AF" in the product drop-down list). The PI AF Developer's Kit include code examples and programming references for PI AF SDK and AF UI. After installation, you will find the PI AF SDK and AF UI help files at %pihome%\help\AFSDK.chm and %pihome%\help\AFUIRef.chm respectively.


Note that we can no longer obtain the PI AF SDK and AF UI programming help files separately. We encourage the use of the PI AF Developer's Kit instead for the following reasons:

  • The setup kit ensures that the help files get installed relative to %pihome%\help to be consistent with other help files (e.g. pisdk.chm), and also enables us to guide users where to look for content.
  • Intellisense and sample codes are included with the Developer's Kit.
  • Chm files are often tagged as being potentially malicious by Windows, which often results in users having to explicitly unblock it.
  • Prevent the chance of having multiple versions of the chm file (downloaded over time) scattered in different directories.


I hope this post clarifies some of your questions. Please feel free to comment below!


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