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    PI ACE Calculation not on current timestamp,


      Hello Everybody,


      I'm using ACE calculations.

      Today I found the calculations are running behind current date.



      Current Date: 2-Feb-2015 8:05:00 GMT


      PI Ace Calculation timestamps:

      • Values of calculations are updating
      • TImestamps also updating, but the issue was timestamps were 1-Feb-2015 14:59:00 GMT.


      I dont know why ACE was behaving in such fashion.

      As all my PB visualizations are based on ACE calc outputs, to resolve it temporarily I did recalculation for one calculation it is showing current timestamp.

      And I'm continuously monitoring its values the values and values are updating from previous values.i.e 1-Feb-2015 15:05:58 next timestamp updating is this values not 2-feb-2015 timestamps.

      30939.1801-Feb-15 15:05:58
      701.383202-Feb-15 08:19:51


      Can anybody help me out here to figure out what is going on with ACE?