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Multiple PI Server interfaces from 1 OPC Server

Question asked by nicholas.vuono on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by stang

I've been asked to look into adding a PI OPC HDA Interface to 3 PI servers from instances of a custom monitoring application and just looking to see if I'm making some reasonable assumptions before I go through with the licensing, installation, etc...


1) Can I run 3 instances of the PI OPC HDA Interface on a single application server by just configuring 3 separate instance in ICU and specifying a different PI Server/Collective for each one?


2) The application server may actually host 3 separate OPC Server interfaces (1 for each PI server destination) so I should be able to just set the configuration in ICU to set the OPC Server Node Name {localhost} and then have the 3 different OPC Server Names {App.DA.West, App.DA.Central, App.DA.East} as appropriate?


It seems like this configuration shouldn't be an issue but I don't want to go ahead with acquiring the OPC HDA Interface licenses for all 3 PI Servers and performing the installation and configuration to test things out in order to find out there were known issues with this kind of setup.



As an alternative we have considered only having the OPC HDA Interface on 1 server and then leveraging our existing PI-to-PI connections to send the data out to the other servers.