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    PB display exported to CoreSight

    Robin Verhoek

      I have several ProcesBook display with a static background (currently in JPEG format) which I want to export to CoreSight.


      Problem: the status background image is not shown / displayed correct in CoreSight.


      Question: What format Picture is supported by CoreSight so I can display it with both ProcessBook and CoreSight


      Thanks for you insight

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          André Åsheim

          You could try resizing the original picture and re-import it into ProcessBook with the exact same size as the "edited" original.

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            Did you save the display as .SVG or .PDI?


            .SVG has issues converting JPEG, but there shouldn't be any display issues if you use .PDI and give it to Coresight.
            Can you attach your display here (or upload it somewhere), I'll test it.

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                André Åsheim

                I'm having similar issues even when saving as .PDI, haven't had time to investigate it further but my general experience with SharePoint/.SVG files is that it resizes the image back to original size.

                It looks like my main issue is that the trend and text does not behave as in ProcessBook (same .PDI file used/copied in both ProcessBook and Coresight)

                As you can see on the pictures below I have an issue with the alignment in Coresight, the multistate (red) is now on top of the text and my trend description and title (text fields) does not fit with the trend anymore. However, the background pictures (shadow effect behind the trends) looks to be (almost) correct according to the design.