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ACE or Abacus for application that requires recalculation?

Question asked by AlistairFrith on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by AlistairFrith

We are at the initial design phase for an application that requires asset-based calculations, both normal and 'rollup' and that also requires recalculation since the source input tag values can be manually adjusted after the event.


I favour using Abacus for this since it is shiny and new, integrated into AF, the calculations themselves are easily managed and are effectively 'configuration' rather than development, and Rollups are 'free'.

My colleague favours ACE since recalculation is 'free'

I have been involved in a number of discussions here about recalculation in Abacus and have been given enough pointers that I feel I could implement a basic recalculation module, suitable to our needs.


Having thought about AF and discussed with other colleagues, I get the impression that recalculation within ACE is not actually 'free': since the ACE scheduler is unaware of the internals of the ACE module, it can't know whether the ACE module is doing a time-based summary such as a totalisation over the last day. So it would not understand that a single change to an input value for such a module would require the module to be recalculated for the subsequent 24 hours. So we would still have to implement our own recalculation controller.


What does PI Square think of this?