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AFAttribute is not supported in AFEventPipe

Question asked by lgferrao on Feb 5, 2015
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I have to process all values from many (thousands) AFAttributes. So, I chose to use AFEventPipe (PI AF Client 2014 R2 - to sign these attributes and get all their values.


However, some of these attributes aren't supported to be signed in AFEventPipe.


One example is an attribute configured in PI System Explorer as:



I saw that the return of the AFEventPipe.AddSignups gives me a list of attributes that couldn't be signed.


I want to know what is the best strategy to handle these attributes? The idea is to get their values using a pooling strategy? There is another option (because making pooling is not much performatic)?


I have more than one thousand attributes in this situation (that doesn't supported by AFEventPipe), so performance is an important issue to me.


I want to know about AF SDK 2.7: there is some change in this version that could address this problem? If yes, is there some expectation (date) to have a production version?


Thank you in advance!