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Element Relative Compressed Data in ProcessBook

Question asked by schnoor22 on Feb 9, 2015
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I have a client who currently uses a (very) large spreadsheet for pulling data in from PI through DataLink and then uses the data to perform embedded calculations for several different assets.  The spreadsheet currently pulls in over 5 years worth of data which is resource intensive, taking over 10 minutes to load.  Our proposal was to build an AF structure/template, conduct the calculations in AF, default the time range to the beginning of the year (with the option of selecting more data if necessary) and perform Element Relative DataLink calls using DataLink 2013.  To make a long story short, the client doesn't want to use a spreadsheet anymore and wants to use a tool such a ProcessBook to display compressed data based on the time range selected.  They also want to have an AF tree to toggle between assets and load compressed data based on the asset selected.  Now, I understand that ProcessBook is not designed to do this and I've mentioned this to the client, but they specifically said that they don't want to use a spreadsheet.  My question is, is it possible to display compressed data for multiple attributes in ProcessBook without the use of VBA code?  I've been playing around with the ActiveX objects (Excel object, grids, etc..), but it doesn't appear to be possible without the use customized VBA code and the AF Wrapper.  Are there any other tools out there that anyone would recommend for displaying tabular data like Excel without using Excel (I know, it sounds silly).


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