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    PI Analytics Performance Counters


      I've seen various postings which mention performance counters for Analytics.  However, I've not been able to find any documentation regarding how to set up Analytics performance counters.  Would someone please provide some guidance for doing such?

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          Mike Zboray

          The counters are stored under the category "PI Analysis Service".


          A really quick way to view them would be in PowerShell:


          get-counter '\pi analysis service\*'


          You can also see trend in perfmon, but I'm guessing you are asking more on how to setup some kind of  monitoring for these?

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            Hi Matthew,


            I'm unsure of what you mean by 'how to set up Analytics performance counters'. Like any other performance counters, you should be able to browse them using the Windows perfmon.exe utility. Once in the utility, the counters should be listed under "PI Analysis Service".


            If you are referring to setting up PI tags for the perfmon counters, I recommend referring to the "Configuring PI points for the PI PerfMon interface" section in our Live Library.

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                Thanks but apparently I don't know how to use PerfMon because I do not see PI Analysis Service.  I see groupings for Memory, Processor, Physical Disk, and a lot of other things but not PI Analysis Service.  Might I have skipped something during the installation which is causing them not to show up?

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                    Hi, Matthew.

                    When you open Windows Performance Monitor and try to add counters, you should see a listing for PI Analysis Service in the list along with other counters related to PI software:

                    Under Process, you should also find listings for counters related to PI processes including those related to the PI Analysis Service:

                    Are you not finding the counters for the PI Analysis Service or are there no counters for any PI software?  Have you checked the logs for errors related to loading performance counters?  Please let us know.

                    Usually when counters don't get built correctly, running LODCTR /R in CMD from the System32 and SysWOW64 directories causes them to be rebuilt.