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Error: Buffered point does not accept new events

Question asked by Loreto on Feb 12, 2015
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I'm having problems when I try to set a datareference to an AFAttribute object; I don't know if somebody could help me.


This is the code where I have the problems:



            afattrib = miElemento.Attributes(nombreAtributo)


            'Busco el elemento PIPoint en el PISystem

            myPIServer = PIServer.FindPIServer(myPISystem, sNombreServidorPI)

            myPIPoint = PIPoint.FindPIPoint(myPIServer, tag)


            'Creo los atributos que voy a asociar al tag recien creado con el tipo de PIPoint obtenido

            afvalue = New AFValue()

            afvalue.Value = myPIPoint.InterpolatedValue(Time.AFTime.Now).Value           

            afvalue.PIPoint = myPIPoint


            afattrib.IsConfigurationItem = False

            afattrib.DataReferencePlugIn = myPISystem.DataReferencePlugIns("PI Point")


            configString = "\\" + sNombreServidorPI + "\" + tag + ";ReadOnly=False"


            If (afattrib.DataReference.ToString() <> configString) Then

                afattrib.DataReference.ConfigString = configString

                bDatoModificado = True

            End If


            afattrib.DataReference.SetValue(Nothing, afvalue)





The error I can see is: "[-11414] Buffered point does not accept new events", and the method where I get the error: "afattrib.DataReference.SetValue(Nothing, afvalue)".


It's a strange error because I only get it with a few tags, the most of the tags execute that instruction correctly.

I don't see anything particular in the tags that produce the error. In fact, I can create it manually from PI System Explorer; it's in visual basic code where I get the error.


Does anybody knows which one could be the reason for that error?


Thank you very much.