PI DataLink Server 2010 functions using reference worksheet

Discussion created by Vidya on Feb 12, 2015
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Recently experienced a strange issue with PI DataLink Server 2010 for one of the clients.


Here is the setup:
SharePoint 2010

PI DataLink Server 2010

PI WebParts 2013

PI Server 3.4.390.16


We are using DataLink reports on this Website. In one of the reports we have the following formula:

=IF(Reference!$J38 = FALSE, "", IF(PICalcVal((LOOKUP(E$10,Reference!$A:$A, Reference!$B:$B)),Reference!$J38,(Reference!$J38-1),"total", 1440, 0,"ITPI1")>0,PICalcVal((LOOKUP(E$10,Reference!$A:$A, Reference!$B:$B)),Reference!$J38,(Reference!$J38-1),


Where Reference!$J38 is a date value in a cell with formula:



For some reason this works in MS Excel but not in the SharePoint Excel WebPart. Looks like when PICalcVal has another function within it, the values for DataItem, StartTime, EndTime do not get valid data. (see attached screenshot)


DataLink error.png


Removed the formula from the reference cell Reference!$J38.

WR Water Report.png