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    How can I use Analyses to find the difference between two timestamps in seconds


      I'm trying to use Analyses to find out how long go a tag was updated in seconds.


      I've an attribute "Input Tag" which uses a PIPoint DR.  I can get the time difference between "now" and the tag update time using an analyses like this.


      ParseTime("*") - PrevEvent('Input Tag', ParseTime("*"))  which gives me a "TimeSpan"


      If the Timespan is less than a day I can get the number of seconds like this....


      DaySec(ParseTime("t") + (ParseTime("*") - PrevEvent('Input Tag', ParseTime("*"))))


      However if the timespan is greater than a day (eg 11.03:42:31) then it won't work properly.


      Is there a function that converts to UTC seconds or something?