Table Lookup Attributes show "No Data" in SVG files

Discussion created by nikhil.kaul on Feb 13, 2015
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Hi All,


We are facing a similar issue, but I believe the approach above might not be a resolution for this.


Apart from normal AF attributes with PI Point reference, we are pulling the performance parameteres of different equipments like Efficiency, HeatDuty etc from a different application into PI AF attributes in a template, using PI Table Lookup.


This data is then put on Process Book pdi files and then the pdi files are converted into svg files. But in SVG Process Display files,we are able to see data for normal AF attributes with PI Point Reference, however the attributes with Table Lookup referenced data are showing proper data somewhere but most places its NO DATA. After 10-15 mins, the ones having Data turn to NO DATA and vice versa.


We have to SVGs on client portal (PI WebParts) and this behavour would not be ignored by the customer. Please help.