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How to insert digital states into float32 columns using PI SQL Commander ?

Question asked by rama.commuri on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by rama.commuri

I am using PI SQL Commander to to directly insert values into PICOMP2 table of PiArchive.

following statement is used to insert DIGITAL STATE VALUE in it.

INSERT INTO [piarchive].[picomp] (tag,time,value) VALUES('MyTag','*',"'DATABAD'")

Before working with this statement I create the 'DATABAD' state in PI SMT->Points->Digital States->SYSTEM


I assigned the DATABAD as StateName for State 99


After executing that statement the following error is generated by PI SQL Commander.


"Values must be convertible to data types of corresponding columns."


Then How can I assign such digital state values incase of no valid data available.


Thank in advance