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Changing the PointSource of a PI point

Question asked by marco.zoccoli on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Eugene Lee

Hi all,


we had a PI point correctly fed by an OPC Server.


Now the source Server has become a PI Server, so we had to modified the PointSource of this point, but after that the value of the point has moved to "Scan Off". We tried to change the field "Scan" to 0 and after few minutes we changed back the field "Scan" to 1, but the value has always remained "Scan Off".


We tried to create a new PItoPI point with another name and the same path than the other one and it is fed correctly, so the problem is not about the point path.







Do we have to restart the interface to have the point fed correctly by PItoPI interface? Or is there another way to feed the point without restarting the interface?


Thank you,