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PI OPCAE - Issues with Honeywell EPKS R410?

Question asked by lkultys2 on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by rkathiresan


I was wondering if anyone has come across any issues with the PI OPC A&E interface and connecting to the Honeywell Experion OPC A&E server (HWHsc.OPCServer)? Specifically, is there any issues using the wildcard '*' in the instrumenttag property?


I am able to connect the interface to the OPC server and collect the relevant data into the PI tags. There is no DCOM issues and everything seems to work correctly until the tag configuration is changed. This seems to work in the following scenarios:

  • instrumenttag = DCS tag name
  • instrumenttag = /ALL for all of the tags


However, when I apply a wildcard in the instrumenttag, it does not seem to work as specified in the documentation. I have seen it work after an interface restart, but for the most part it does not seem to work . Additionally, loading a tag with the wildcard and then removing the wildcard on the subsequent load seems to break the collection of other tags. When this happens, the following error is written to the log:

  • PI-OPCAE 3> Error processing event

There is not further details to this error even when I have the Debug level set to Maximum. And I have not found any relevant documentation about what this issue means. This error is repeatable.


Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is this a potential issue with the Honeywell OPC A&E server implementation?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!