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How Fast Is OLEDB Provider?

Question asked by fdeschenes on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by mhalhead

A project I'm becoming part of has 8 geographically dispersed PI servers. They want to move 250 1-second measurement tags from each of those into a centralized Teradata data warehouse. That's over 7 million data points (assuming worst case no exception/compression happening) an hour.  Since there is no direct Teradata connector to pull data from the PI Server, the customer is using Excel (yeah, no kidding!) in a horiffic manual process. What I'm wondering is could I use OLEDB provider and pull the data into a central SQL database which is easily handled by Teradata? I would create linked servers to the PI Historians and then use an SSIS job to pull in the data from each? I've had that done for other projects but only pulling one minute or 15 minute values instead of 1 second. Can OLEDB provider handle that much data? Any ideas on a better way? AF is an option too, but I'm then still using OLEDB provider and a linked server. I appreciate any thoughts from the community.