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How to reduce the PI OPCDA Interface "Scan Timeout" events?

Question asked by chuyiyang on Feb 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by rkathiresan

I am running a PI OPCDA interface ver. + new PI Buffer Subsystem ver. 4.3.  The OPCDA server comes from WonderWare's product called "GSGateway".  I only used the "Advise Tags" mode to configure around 24k tags with 4 instances on the same interface node.  Also, I configured 200 PI advise tags per group as suggested by OSIsoft tech support.  The data flow looks good.  But I got so many tag events having errors like "Scan Timeout".  I tried to adjust the Update Rate (which is default as Scan Class#1 rate) from 3 secs to 15 secs.  It looks like the count of such "Scan Timeout" data has been reduced quite a bit.  But it still shows a large amount of such errors.  I wanted to do some FINE-TUNE to solve / minimize this issue.  So, I have very important question to ask OSIsoft OPCDA interface specialists:  Is there any guidelines to help me out solve this issue?  Your quick response is highly appreciated.