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Performance equation not executing correctly as per defined time in scan class

Question asked by suyogd on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by suyogd

We have many PE's for our calculations which were working perfectly fine till November,2014.

But after that period every PE started executing incorrectly i.e all those PE was not getting executed as per defined time in scan class.


For e.g Defined scan class is 00:01:00,00:00:00


So as per above mentioned scan class every PE should start executing at midnight with 1 min of time interval (which was working correctlt till Nov,2014)

Then suddenly every PE started taking more time to execute, please find the attachment for the same.


And when we converted the same PE to ACE then it was working correctly. For now we got the solution but we want to know root cause of this.


Anybody can please tell us ?




Tanuja & Sagar