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    Linking the AF hierarchy to particular displays in Coresight


      I have been requested to link the AF hierarchy to particular displays in Coresight or Processbook. How can I approach this development? Via  PI Web API for Coresight or VBA for Processbook?


      Any feedback is welcome.


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          Hi Daniel,


          there are several options to do this but which one depends on the details of your use case.


          Reuse a display for different assets - A GUI based approach using Related Assets/Events in the Search pane

          Reuse displays for assets built from the same AF template - Modification of URL via ?asset parameter

          Creating a new temporary display with particular data items - Create ad-hoc display given path to element/attribute in the URL string

          Specify the element for PI ProcessBook element relative displays - The current element can be placed via the ?CurrentElement parameter in the URL


          For approaches that involve modification of URL's, Coresight displays can be linked to the AF hierarchy as you can programmatically build up the URL given the user query and then link to the resulting contextual display in an external application. Let us know if you have questions about the approaches above.


          Note from the 2014 User Guide regarding VBA support:

          PI Coresight does not support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts or third-party ActiveX controls when viewing PI ProcessBook displays.

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            Hi Daniel,


            It has been a while since we have heard from you. Did one of the above proposed options work? If so, you can mark it as correct answer; otherwise, please let us know if you have more questions or what you did to solve the problem. Thanks.

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              I am astonished that hierarchical navigation through CoreSight dashboards is not a core feature of PI CoreSight. It is an obvious feature. How could OSIsoft's CoreSight design team have overlooked this one?


              The technology already exists to interpret the AF data model in CoreSight  - one can browse the asset tree while designing a dashboard. Providing a Design Mode and a Display Mode in CoreSight can resolve this issue. Design Mode would be the current (only) mode of interaction with CoreSight. In Display Mode, however, one would use the asset tree to navigate up and down existing displays for element instances at any particular level in the asset tree. Adding an explicit association with a primary template (since one can mix sources from different template instances in the same dashboard) will assist in determining what elements at a level have associated dashboards. Further filters on Category would bolster selective display navigation.


              For customers to resort to hard-coding some dashboard hierarchy in CoreSight (2016 R2) is simply impractical, in terms of construction and maintenance.