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    PI Web API 2015 is released!


      Dear PI Geeks,


      Please see the PI Web API 2015 release page at OSIsoft Technical Support for details.

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          A lot of work went into this release. Congratulations to the development team! I wanted to mention some of the major features of this release. We added write support for many components of the PI System: PI Event Frames, PI Points, and AF Databases, PI Point attributes, PI Digital States, AF Enumerations, AF Tables, AF Units of Measure, and AF Categories (**whew**). We also added evaluation of performance equations, bulk time series read calls against Element or Event Frame data streams, GZip compression of service responses and improved HTML help. We also include a CTP release of an OData service for your evaluation. Full details of what's in PI Web API 2015 can be found in the Release Notes.