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Question asked by ee.ashley on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by dng

A lot of times, we read about the benefits of using the bulk AF SDK calls to reduce the number of RPCs invoked against the PI Server.


Is there a way that I can monitor/count the RPC calls that my application is making to the PI Server? So far, I've been watching archive calls via PI SMT's PI Services list, expanding the thread details for the PI Archive Subsystem. However I can't easily isolate RPCs from my application specifically.


I also know that there are some AF RPC Metrics that can be viewed in PSE, but these are related to AF-specific RPCs; I'd like to look at the PI Data Archive-related RPCs my application is making through the AF SDK.


I saw in this thread that there is an AFTrace class that was recommended:


However, when I used this, I didn't see any RPC-related trace messages appear in my test application (which makes one FilteredSummaries call).


I am stuck with using AF Client 2.5 for now (as our customer has yet to upgrade to VS 2012). (I didn't see the AFGetTrace.exe application in the PIPC\AF directory).