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Process book with sql data

Question asked by SohailIqbal on Mar 8, 2015
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Can anyone provide some guidance about what is the best method to pull data from external data source i.e. SQL DB. What is the best method to use from the following.:


1. Using an ODBC

2. Use ADO recordset/VBA code

3. Develop custom data interface


To give you some background for understanding the need for this. I've multiple assets and there is data associated with them that is process and then stored in external database. To pull data from SQL DB I can write sample query like as following:


SELECT RPTDate, AssetName, Value FROM Assets_Daily_Data


But this will pull data for all assets whereas I've trends in the ProcessBook as an individual asset. I hoping if it is possible to add new trace for matching assets but not sure if ODBC can handle parameters.


I can write VBA code but not sure how recordset can be added as a trace to the process book trend.


My last preference is to develop any interface as i'm least familiar with it, but in worst case scenario i'm willing to go this path as well.


With above accomplished with any of the methods, cherry on the toppings would be to be able to use ProceesBook file as an SVG file over SharePoint.


Thank you.