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[PI-SQC] How to configure the minimum data points before triggering of the alarms

Question asked by Nicolas.Isambourg on Mar 9, 2015
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I'm developing a .NET application embedding the PI-SQC control chart of PI-ProcessBook through PI-ActiveView.

I want no alarm to be triggered until there are 5 data points on the SQC control chart.

How can I configure it on the SQC control chart ?

Here are the configuration:


var spcDefinition = spcTrend.GetDefinition();

spcDefinition.ChartType = ChartTypeEnum.sqcIndividuals;
spcDefinition.SetCalculationBasis(SamplingTypeEnum.sqcEventBased, 1, 1, null, null, null);
spcDefinition.SetVerticalScale(ScaleTypeEnum.sqcCenterline5Sigma, ScaleTypeEnum.sqcCenterline5Sigma);
spcDefinition.SigmaCalcMethod = SigmaCalcEnum.sqcSigmaRange;

// Alarms configuration
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmOut3Sigma, true, 1, 1);
// Disable others alarms
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmOut1Sigma, false, 1, 1);
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmOut2Sigma, false, 1, 1);
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmOutPlusMinusSigma, false, 1, 1);
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmSideOfCenter, false, 1, 1);
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmTrendUpDown, false, 1, 1);
spcDef.SetPatternTest(AlarmTypeEnum.sqcAlarmWithin1Sigma, false, 1, 1);

spcDefinition.SetPlotTime(StartTypeEnum.sqcAbsoluteTime, DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm"), "*");




Thanks for your help,

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