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Number of DataPipes Limitations

Question asked by Ian.Gore on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Ian.Gore

I'm writing an application that processes data values.  The configuration is in AF and the structure is hierarchical so that there are logical "groupings" of inputs at various levels in the hierarchy.


My .NET class structure follows the element templates and structure in AF.   I have choices to make as to where in my class structure I put a DataPipe to process the values for the inputs under that point in the AF hierarchy.


If I put it quite low down in the hierarchy I could end up with >1000 data pipes each with 10s of input attributes, a bit higher up and I could have >100 data pipes each with 100s of inputs, a bit higher up >10 data pipes with 1000s of inputs until ultimately I could have 1 data pipe with >10000 input attributes.


Functionally it would be nice, and make some of my logic easier, to push the data pipes down in hierarchy while resourcewise it would probably be better keeping it higher up.


What are the limitations with regard to this?  Are DataPipes very resource intensive if they only have a few attributes?