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What ANInstanceEventActions Enumeration Items Mean

Question asked by MBanchuzhnyy on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by MBanchuzhnyy

Hello all,


According to ANSDK Reference ANInstanceEventActions Enumeration contains the following items:


Member nameValueDescription
Unknown-1Unknown action.
NewNotification0New instance.
NewTriggerEvent1Same notification instance, but a new event.
NotificationEnded2End of a notification instance.
NotificationEndedNew3End of a notification instance because a new instance has been created.
NotificationEndedManually4Notification ended manually.


Unfortunately I could not find anywhere what each action types means. Could anybody from OSI please share such information?

What I'm doing is - i have a small watcher app that is subscribed to listen for InstanceEvent event of ANNotificationList collection. When alarm happens I received action = NewNotification, then I'm waiting for event with action = NotificationEnded. But sometime it never happens, probably because in some particular cases action is never equal to NotificationEnded, maybe it is NotificationEndedNew or NotificationEndedManually. Also I don't understand when NewTriggerEvent and NewNotification happens, and why it could be Unknown.


Could you please give me advice how to do this properly to cover all possible variants and scenarios - in other words I need to always know when alarm starts and when it ends.


Thank you.