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Polled tags are not writing value to PI after exception/compression max time is reached?, but when I change the tag setup to advise, the max time functionality works

Question asked by isolutions on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by nikhil.kaul

I have a polled tag on a PI OPC DA Interface in a scan class of 1:00 minute. The value of the tag usually remains steady at 1.000 (although it updates about every second on the OPC server) so most values get dropped due to exception and compression. I would like values to get written to PI more often, so I lowered the exception and compression max times down to 5 minutes (originally 5 min and 8 hours, respectively). However, after saving these changes, the tag does not get written to every five minutes.

I isolated my test tag in separated instance of the interface and ran the the command "pibufss -trace pointid" to see if there any values flowing through the buffer to the PI Server, but none values are observed using this command. Using the command "pigetmsg -host ..." I can see that the same value with the same timestamp is recived every minute from the OPCServer, which is fine, that value hasn't changed, but once every time the Max time is reached, I should see a value flowing through the buffer to PI as far as I know.

Any help regarding this would be really appreciated.