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    What is PI datalink legacy?


      For PI datalink 5.1.1, what does it mean by this statement:


      * Not all functionality will work on Excel (64 bit). PI DataLink (Legacy) and trend control are the most notable features that will not work.


      What is PI DataLink (Legacy)?

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          Sam Pride

          PI DataLink(Legacy) addin contains the functionality that could not be implemented in the newer form of Excell Integration/automation that the latest versions of PI DataLink currently use. DataLink moved away from the old COM-based add-ins to a VSTO-based addin type for better integration into the latest versions of office (notably the ribbon, task pane etc). The functionality included in PI DataLink (Legacy) was required for backwards compatibility with workbooks created with older versions of PI DataLink and to still expose the functionality whenever we can. PI DataLink(Legacy) will add entries to the Ribbon and the add-in menu option.


          PI DataLink (Legacy) and the trend control do not work in 64-bit Excel as these are 32-bit .dll's and cannot be hosted within a 64-bit process.