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mass-edeting of users and their options

Question asked by flost Champion on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2015 by flost

Hi there,


I´m loocking for a method to mass-edit my users (base: PI Server 3.4.390, no Windows Autentication). I have about 800 users and I have to edit nearly all of them. There are non-written rules which information should be documented - but over the years and with the change of several PI Admins there is not always the same information in the same style given. I´m aware that this not a tecnical topic but my QA insists.


What I have to do:


1) Usernames are sometimes lower case and sometimes upper case - it should be all lower case

2) clear and equal strctured description: here I have the full user name it should be "Name, first name"

3) setting the "new" properties like "user is disabled", "User cannot be used in a Trust" etc.


I´m loocking for an easier method to do this. I can export my Userslist in SMT but I can´t import a list. In DataLink I also din´t find any option.


Can you help me out? Well I not I can wait until the nex student comes for a practical course but that is not my prefered method ;-)