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    How to Detect Escalation of PI Notification in ACE?




      I'm developing ACE calculation which hits third party web service and get the response and stores the data in PI ACE Tag.

      But I want it to trigger this calculation only on PI Notification Escalation mail only.


      Another Complex Option would be:

      To monitor one trigger tag and if the value changes from 0 to 1 and it remains 1 for 30 mins then trigger.

      Can i do this in ACE?



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          Hi Ilyas,

          Have you already configured your trigger in PI Notification (i.e. do you have a notification that gets triggered when the tag value changes from 0 to 1 and remains at 1 for 30 minutes)? If I understand your use case correctly, you would like to trigger an ACE calculation when this notification is escalated. One suggestion is to trigger the ACE calculation based on 1 of the 7 notification history PI tags created on the PI Data Archive. To find the associated PI tag for a PI notification, go to PSE > right-click and select "show unique ID". Copy that GUID and perform a tag search in the PI Data Archive (GUID*), you should see 7 PI tags associated. Look at the GUID_Action tag, some states that you might be interested are:

          • 0: A new notification instance has started.
          • 1: A notification instance has been sent to a contact.
          • 3: A notification instance has been escalated to a contact.
          • 12: The notification instance has ended.


          Try to compare these states with the history information for the notification in PSE, you should see the correlations there. If the trigger information is satisfied whenever this notification is escalated, you might want to add the GUID_Action tag as one of your input tag in ACE and only perform the calculation when the value of the tag is 3.


          Will this work for your use case?

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