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Can PI Web Services be used a a near-realtime data feed?

Question asked by fdeschenes on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by dng

Hello. I'm trying to get data from a set of PI servers into a Teradata data warehouse in a near-realtime mode. Specifically, I have 7 geographically placed (in the US) PI servers collecting a lot of data. From each of those 7 I need to push around 18,000 measurement values each minute (approx 300 tags from each of the PI servers at 1 second per tag rate) up to a Teradata data warehouse so it can maintain a rolling 24 hour set of 1 sec data. I've looked at several methods including PI-to-PI, OLEDB with Linked Servers, and the SAS PI connector as an intermediary. PI Web Services might be an elegant and fast-to-implement solution if it can handle the throughput. Web Services would be connecting to each of the 7 services every minute, pulling around 18,000 measurements, and building the XML messge structure to be consumed by Teradata. That's about 126,000 data values being generated per minute across the combined 7services. I don't have any concerns on the Teradata side. Is this reasonable for PI Web Services?
Thank you!