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    Where is the PI AF Analyses Help file?


      I'm new to PI-AF and Analyses and am looking for some documentation on creating analyses.  Does any come with the product?

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          Hi David,


          We have nice youtube learning videos about AF Analytics here:

          Asset Analytics with PI AF (Asset Framework) - YouTube


          If you are looking for the programmatic related documentation, see OSIsoft.AF.Analysis Namespace chapter in AFSDK.chm.

          This file is installed with PI AF Developer Tools, see more information in Daphne's post here:

          PI AF SDK Programming References

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              I went to the YouTube video Anna recommended and found it very helpful.  I had a much simpler calculation, just totalling 4 tags.  But I can't seem to get it to work.  I went back and rewatched the end of the video and I don't see that she did anything to start the calculation running other than check in her work.  I used an existing tag, I changed the PointSource so it would no longer be updated by the PI-Performance Engine.  I tried changing the triggering to Periodic and set it to one minute intervals.  I clicked "Create or Update Data References" but found nothing to update as the tag already existed.


              There is one troubling piece.  In the lower right hand corner of the System Explorer ther is a message that says:


              "Could not connect to the PI Analysis Service"


              I was working from my laptop not the server where PI-AF and PI-Analysis are installed.  So I logged onto the server and looked at the Element and Analyses and the message said, "Connected to the PI Analysis Service."  So I don't thint that is an issue.  Still I get no updates after 45 minutes with two of the input tags updating every 15 seconds.

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                  Hi David,


                  You are facing 2 issues: 1) PSE on your laptop cannot connect to PI Analysis Service; 2) the calculation is not working.


                  1) Laptop not connecting to PI Analysis Service

                  • When you hover your mouse over the "Could not connect to PI Analysis Service", you should see the hostname or FQDN of the analysis service. Make sure it is the correct computer that the analysis service is on.
                  • Port 5463 needs to be opened on the analysis machine to allow client PSE to connect.
                  • Is your laptop on the same domain as the analysis server? If your laptop is in a workgroup and analysis server is on a domain, PSE is using a local credential which is not recognized on the domain. Try using runas to open up PSE using a domain account: runas /netonly /user:domain\account <path to AFExplorer.exe>. If this works, you can save this as a shortcut when opening PSE.


                  2) Calculation is not working

                  Try to troubleshoot this on the analysis server, unless you have successfully resolved #1.

                  • Have you configured your output attribute? When you click the evaluate button, did the calculation give the correct result?
                  • Is your analysis running? It should have a green check mark next to the analysis name.

                  2015-03-17 13_31_50-__DNG-AF2014_Dev Support - PI System Explorer.png

                  • If all is well, check the windows event viewer on the analysis server for any error messages related to asset-based analytics.


                  Hope it helps. Let us know how the troubleshooting goes.

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                Dan Fishman

                I would check out the help in PI System Explorer by going to Help from the tool bar and selecting help topics.  From here the fun begins. In the AF help open AF>PI System Explorer>PI System Explorer Help>Asset-Based Analytics for PI Server. 

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                  Another resource is the Live Library. I believe what they have in there is the same as the help that Dan mentioned, but in web form.