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Programming Hackathon - April 29, 9am - April 30, 9am

Discussion created by Marcos Vainer Loeff Employee on Mar 16, 2015

Come join us at the Programming Hackathon focused on Internet of Things (IoT) to learn new technologies and sharpen your existing skills as a PI System developer. You will be provided with all the tools, subject matter experts, a ready-to-start environment, and 24 hours to code like you never did before!


Be part of this creative and innovative opportunity and come up with a killer application using personal fitness data, which will be gathered from sensors. Using PI System components and data access products, think outside the box and see how you could bring the Power of Data in the hands of consumers and businesses to get as much value as possible. You will work together with a group of PI System professionals and OSIsoft employees to work on your ideas in a team environment. Use all your PI System development knowledge while learning from others. At the end, your application will be judged by a group of experts. The top applications will be rewarded great prizes, and you will be recognized at the event. In the coming weeks, we will announce more details about the format of this hackathon. Stay tuned and follow us on PI Developers Club Forums and @PIDevClub.





  • What are the requirements to register? How much should I pay?

     You must have registered for the TechCon conference in order to participate in the Programming Hackathon. No additional fee is required.

  • What is the timeline of the Hackathon? What other Users Conference events will overlap with this event?

     The Programming Hackathon will start on Day 2 (April 29th) at 9am and will finish 24 hours later. Keep in mind that if you join the Programming Hackathon, you will not be able to join the tracks from Industry Intelligence (Day 2).

  • Should I bring my computer? If yes, what type of computers are recommended?

     At the same time we will provide a VM running in the cloud that you can access remotely through the “Remote Desktop Connection”. Make sure your computer can support this prerequisite.


We strongly recommend that you complete this test prior to attending the event to make sure you are ready to start the event. Failure to do so can cause significant delays and make you lose time.

  • What skills should I have to effectively participate? Do you teach us anything on the spot?


     The event is not only targeted for programmers but also for PI System administrators, UI designers, as well as anyone with contributing ideas. Each group can have team members to provide creative ideas, manage the PI System, and test the application. We are going to provide basic training in the beginning for you to get familiar with some of our products and other available tools.

  • How should I prepare myself before the event?


     The theme for the Programming Hackathon is Internet of Things (IoT) and the focus will be on wearable devices. Feel free to bring creative ideas! You are likely to use future data and PI Web API in your app. Make sure you are familiar with them!

  • Are we going to be working in teams? If yes, how big and how are the teams formed?


     You are welcome to work in teams of up to 5 people. Teams can be built prior to the event through a dedicated channel on PI Developers Club or on-site during the morning of the event. Check back regularly with the forums on PI Developers Club for more information on this process.


  • How will I present what I build?


     You will have the opportunity to present your app to the judges during Day 3 of the Users Conference.


  • What are the prizes?

    • 1st place: A surprise gadget, featured in PI Developers Club Community and free attendance at UC 2016.
    • 2nd place: A wearable health device, featured in PI Developers Club Community and free attendance at UC 2016.
    • 3rd place: OSIsoft branded items and featured in PI Developers Club Community.

  • I’m in! How should I register?


     Just click here to register and follow the steps