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Programming Hackathon - April 29, 9am - April 30, 9am

Question asked by Marcos Vainer Loeff Employee on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Marcos Vainer Loeff

Hello all,


I have just posted detailed information about our Programming Hackathon focused on Internet of Things (IoT), which is going to take place during Day 2 of our Users Conference (April 29, 9am - April 30, 9am).


Be part of this creative and innovative opportunity and come up with a killer application using personal fitness data, which will be gathered from sensors. Using PI System components and data access products, think outside the box and see how you could bring the Power of Data in the hands of consumers and businesses to get as much value as possible. You will work together with a group of PI System professionals and OSIsoft employees to work on your ideas in a team environment. Use all your PI System development knowledge while learning from others. At the end, your application will be judged by a group of experts. The top applications will be rewarded great prizes, and you will be recognized at the event. In the coming weeks, we will announce more details about the format of this hackathon.


If you are insterested, please register now as we have limited number of participants.


Click here for more information about this event.


See you all there!