Rhys Kirk

How many ProcessBook displays are you hosting in PI Coresight?

Discussion created by Rhys Kirk Champion on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by abrodskiy

Just wondering if anyone is using a large number of PB displays hosted in PI Coresight, and what sort of numbers of displays you consider large.


I've done some experiments by converting near 1,000 PB displays (another 1,000+ could be converted too) - by converting I mean making them Coresight friendly (lots of historical VBA for display navigation for example). It is very easy to bloat Coresight with displays and loose the ability to easily manage such a large number of displays, or navigate easily through the displays via the web interface unless you cleverly link the displays together, which was historically done via VBA in ProcessBook.


Looking for other heavy users experiences on this topic.


Hats off to the Coresight/PB team that developed the PB converter, it kept churning through the 1,000 displays without breaking.